PMC is creating a fun, kid friendly area in the Emergency Department (ED) The new pediatric wing will be located on the first floor inside Pikeville Medical Center’s ED and Trauma Center.


From child-appealing decor to trained staff, the physical and operational design of the new pediatric ED wing will support the PMC Children’s Hospital’s philosophy of family-centered care.


PMC decided to design new space within the current emergency department that considers the well-being of their youngest patients.


The Panda Warmer allows the medical team to focus on the most critical aspects of their job-caring for our youngest patients and their families. With direct heat application, babies, and toddlers stay warm and content.


The compact size allows more room for the emergency staff and family to interact with the patient. An integrated x-ray cassette tray eliminates the need to move the baby. Plus, the Panda Warmer provides uninterrupted thermal support during x-rays.


Additionally, a built-in scale makes taking the baby’s weight easy. There is no need to move the baby to another tool or area. Having this piece of equipment will help treat sick babies more comfortably than before.




PMC Emergency Department is seeing an increasing number of pediatric patients. This growing group prompted PMC to begin the certification process in November 2019 to become “Pediatric Ready” by the Kentucky Emergency Medical Services for Children (KYEMSC) Program.


Being recognized as “Pediatric Ready” demonstrates PMC’s commitment to enhancing emergency care services for children in the region.


During the assessment, surveyors met with several staff members from various departments within the hospital to review procedures and documentation from PMC’s ED and discuss pediatric care provided in the ED.


Only three other hospitals in Kentucky have been certified Pediatric Ready.




Pikeville Medical Center’s Emergency Department, a Pediatric Ready emergency department, is now the first ER in Kentucky to become a Certified Autism Center™ (CAC) granted by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES). PMC’s ED is one of only four hospitals in Kentucky to be Pediatric Ready by the Kentucky Emergency Medical Services for Children (KYEMSC) program, which makes their autism training and certification vital to caring for all patients, including those with autism.


Individuals with autism typically have different needs related to communication, pain perception, and other treatments. The IBCCES program was created by clinical experts, as well as, individuals on the autism spectrum to ensure a well-rounded approach. Offering care that includes a patient’s family in each step of the process will remain a primary goal of PMC’s ED, as the physicians and nurses are specially trained to treat pediatric patients.


“IBCCES is thrilled to announce the commitment to excellence Pikeville Medical Center Emergency Department has made. Individuals with autism need providers who truly understand their needs to ensure the best experience possible,” said Myron Pincomb, IBCCES Board Chairman.




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