Here in the mountains, leaders felt the urgency to bring their visions for growth and development to reality. With the ultimate goal of making Eastern KY a thriving, progressive area, local, state, and federal officials worked together to lay a firm foundation for the future as healthcare rose to the top and became the economic engine for the region.

As a healthcare organization, Pikeville Medical Center contributes to a growing economy in this region. PMC is a 348-bed comprehensive medical complex encompassing over one million square feet on the main campus and outlying support service locations. It is the single largest hospital in Eastern Kentucky and plays a pivotal role in central Appalachia’s health care and its economy. More than 400 services are offered at PMC, including every specialty and most sub-specialties. The staff of approximately 3,000 provides specialized services to the community. Services that in years past were only available when patients were forced to travel outside of their hometown. The fact that they can be treated right here in Pikeville and not travel to another city keeps money circulating at home.


Over the past few years, there have been numerous announcements at PMC that represent more than $75 million in capital investments. Tremendous physical growth has allowed PMC to significantly expand the health care services offered to our service area of 450,000 people in a SO-mile radius. These investments have and will continue to create new jobs, enhance accessibility to medical technology and forever change the landscape of how primary care and advanced healthcare will be provided throughout the entire region.


The economic impact that PMC is bringing to the table is astonishing. The medical center is now located in 45 different facilities throughout the region providing new opportunities and a growing tax base for local economies.


Planning began in 2019 and 2020 has been the year to launch services for our most vulnerable population-our children. With a new children’s hospital under construction and the opening of the region’s only center for autism, PMC is well on the way to assure children’s healthcare needs are provided.



PMC plays a vital role in bringing these precious lives into the world, keeping them as healthy as possible, and building a community where they can find good-paying jobs that will keep them right here in the mountains. It takes well-orchestrated, collaborative efforts and partnerships to provide the best possible opportunities for the people of our region. We are thankful for those that continue to work with us.


The people in Eastern KY deserve the best! PMC takes pride in investing in the future of healthcare and job creation through the growth and development of our economy today and for generations.


Even during unprecedented times, PMC is committed to the mission of providing world-class quality healthcare in a Christian environment. Together. We rise.