PMC is establishing an in-school telehealth platform, and will provide acute and preventive health care services. Through this technology, patients will gain access to medical professionals not currently available due to geographical barriers, economic challenges and physician shortages. PMC is equiping public schools with mobile telehealth carts with exam cameras and equipment which will connect to PMC’s Telehealth Hub infrastructure of Pikeville Medical Center.


PMC is implementing a telehealth program for individuals presenting in the Pikeville Medical Center Emergency Department (ED) with behavior issues. The Telebehavioral Health Program will improve the patient experience and population health, while reducing costs and increasing provider satisfaction. These services will be provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT), is used by osteopathic physicians to treat and even diagnose illnesses or injuries. DO’s are specifically trained on the body’s system of muscles, nerves and bones. With only their hands, they can feel when something is out of place, and use resistance, gentle pressure and some light stretching to bring relief to patients.


Promoting the body’s natural ability to heal, OMT therapy can ease pain, promote healing and increase a patient’s mobility. OMT is now available for children with autism. OMT helps the children relax and relieve¬† tension making them less anxious.


The PMC Family Practice Clinic has a special pediatric OMT room with an inviting, kid-friendly decor and games to get their attention while waiting on their therapy.


PMC Otolaryngologists (END treat a wide array of conditions for our pediatric population. They specialize in the treatment of ear, nose, throat, head, and neck disorders. Common conditions treated in their offices include Tonsils/Adenoids, Ear Infections, Sinus Disease, Allergies, Thyroid Surgery, Head & Neck Cancer Surgery, Hearing Aids and Environmental Allergy Testing.

PMC also provides Sublingual immunotherapy, which is an alternative way to treat allergies without injections.

The PMC’s Audiologist provides services include Hearing Testing, Hearing Aids, Balance & Dizziness, Otoacoustic Emissions Testing, and Pediatric Auditory Brain Stem Response Testing.



PMC provides comprehensive eye care for children by licensed optometrists and board-certified ophthalmologists. The PMC Optometry Clinic is operated in association with The University of Pikeville’s Kentucky School of Optometry.

PMC and UPIKE recently entered into a Memorandum of Cooperation to improve the lives of Eastern Kentucky, together.

The memorandum highlights initiatives such as moving toward the inclusion of the City of Pikeville in the World Health Organization’s Healthy Cities, creating healthcare and educational programs, pursuing cooperative funding opportunities, collaborating on research projects, exploring the development of infrastructure, working with government officials to focus on the region’s health, cooperating on professional development opportunities for employees and holding joint leadership meetings.


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