March 3, 2022


The Mettu Children’s Hospital at Pikeville Medical Center (PMC) is making a difference in the lives of pediatric patients and families throughout the region. For many families, the days of traveling hours from Eastern Kentucky for pediatric care are a thing of the past. Patients can now receive quality care close to home thanks to a dedicated and highly trained staff and generous partnerships.


In recent years, PMC has made enhancing pediatric healthcare a priority. That commitment has resulted in the development of the only children’s hospital in Eastern Kentucky. PMC officials were intensely focused on creating a comfortable space for patients and their families through inviting décor, high-tech patient beds, full, in-room private bathrooms and much more. However, for the patients, getting a visit from the Mettu Children’s Hospital’s lovable mascot is the highlight of their stay.


Buddy Bear frequently makes appearances to visit patients, deliver gifts on special occasions like Christmas and Valentine’s Day and to generally spread joy. Recently, he made a very special visit to see an 11-year-old patient named Isaac.


When Isaac was admitted to the Mettu Children’s Hospital, he brought along his favorite stuffed animals to keep him company. Among them was a little bear named Buddy, who has been by Isaac’s side since he was three-years-old. His “Buddy” has provided Isaac comfort in times of need, as it is a therapeutic bear which can be heated up in the microwave to keep Isaac warm.


When Isaac saw photos, billboards and even a TV commercial featuring the Mettu Children’s Hospital mascot, he was ecstatic. His mother explained to PMC staff that Isaac was excited to learn that another Buddy Bear was at PMC, and it made him more comfortable with being admitted to the hospital.


At that point, a phone call was made, and Buddy Bear was on his way. When he stepped into Isaac’s room, joy filled the air and Isaac quickly introduced his stuffed bear to the mascot.


For more information on the Mettu Children’s Hospital, visit https://www.pikevillehospital.org/r-v-and-joythi-mettu-childrens-hospital/